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  • Plugin Author Brett Shumaker


    For adding your own fields see this post:

    For the “category selection” you would use the “Groups” feature of the plugin. Add a group, for example “HR Group,” and then use the shortcode: `[simple-staff-list group=”HR Group”]

    Thanks for coming back to me Brett!

    On the “added custom” fields post, do I need to tell add fields to the database?

    Also on the [simple-staff-list group=”HR Group”] is there a way I can have a link that is clickable for each category?

    Plugin Author Brett Shumaker


    “** You’ll now have to make sure your new fields get saved when you update your Staff Member. Do this by adding the fields you created to admin-save-data.php after line 54.”

    How do you mean clickable? Do you want a link that goes to a specific page with that staff category?

    Hey Brett! Thanks for coming back once more. I have my first custom field in. More to follow

    Few things –

    have a look here, I can’t get the new Custom field on to a new line.

    I tried this

    Support Forums

    $accepted_formatted_tags = $default_formatted_tags;
    		$replace_formatted_values = array('<h3 class="staff-member-name">'.$name.'</h3>', '<h4 class="staff-member-position">'.$title.'</h4>', $photo, $email_mailto, $bio_format, '<br/>', $RI);

    For the category’s. I wanted to show list of category’s on the page, ie HR or IT and you can click on the to goto that group.

    I “tabbed” them off just now and that works too

    Thanks in advance

    Look under HR tab

    DOh! Got, forgot about the template/ Just the category part now

    <img class=”staff-member-photo” src=”[staff-photo-url]” alt=”[staff-name] : [staff-position]”>
    <div class=”staff-member-info-wrap”>

    Plugin Author Brett Shumaker


    Glad you got the custom field part figured out!

    For the links to category part, all you would need to do is create, for example, an “IT” page and place the [simple-staff-list group="IT"] shortcode on that page. Same for your “HR” category. Then on your “Our Members” page, you’ll just have links to those other two pages.

    This is the only way to do this right now as I don’t have any kind of “Archive” feature built into the plugin.

    hi brett
    i have added extra field to the plugin( like grade,age etc) but the problem is the data added in the extra field does not show up in the page(user view)…..

    Help me….

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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