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  • As this is my first WP post I would like to first thank the entire WP community for a really good open source blogging framework. I have looked around and compared the many options but now I am hooked on WordPress!
    The subject of this first posting deals with the ability to protect WP categories. The simple senario is that I wish to have CAT-A asisgned public access and allow my RSS aggregator to see these postings. Additionally, I wish to have CAT-B to be seen as private so that I can prohibit my RSS aggregator from seeing CAT-B postings.
    Now if this has already been discussed and I missed it in my many strolls through the forums, then please just redirect me and accept my advanced apologies. However, if I did not miss anything then allow me to comment on a few building blocks which I have seen:
    1. Protected Password does work but this is at the posting level and it leaves the complete site accessible to my RSS aggregator.
    2. If we had multiple blog support this would be an option (public categories assigned to a seperate blog) but this gets messy. I have already installed WP to create a number of instances but this becomes a maintenance nightmare.
    3. Viewlevel plugin is a nice start but I have had trouble getting it to work using 1.1.2 w/WP night build from early August. I too could not get the padlock image to render and my installation is pretty virgin (few hacks & plugins). Plus the padlock image along with the protection level seem to be overlaid or in conflict with my CSS file from the wp-style-switcher plug-in.
    4. Viewlevel Enhancement plugin is moving in right direction but again I do not see this as a category level feature. I agree with Neil that the dropdown feature is a nice usability enhancement over inline value assignment.
    I guess the design I am looking for is a joint packaging of VL + VL-Enhancement with modifications so that the access levels are assigned on the posting and/or category.
    So as a newbie, I of course want blogging utopia…but for now I am asking for category protection?
    Is anyone willing to noodle on a design for Category level protection via this forum thread?

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    1. In my experience, a password protected post cannot be read in an RSS reader.
    3. I have seen this conflict happen before – I think davedorm had an issue with generated title images and the Viewlevel, and it had to do with the order in which they were called ?

    Podz – thanks for your response.
    Regarding comment:
    1. I agree that passwords do protect a posting from the RSS aggregator. And this is a viable first approach but as a bloggers frequency of posting on a specific topic increases, it would be easier to bypass all protection concerns by knowing it is handled at the category level.
    3. I appreciate the suggestion but the dependancy list to get this hack to work is unclear and it is still on the posting level.
    Can someone point me to the design/architecture info where I can figure out what exactly I would need to code up? My gut tells me I need to hack nstead’s Viewlevel Enhancement code to work with Categories.
    Here is another interesting thought to noodle on. What if we modify the wp-rss2.php file to create public and private rss feeds instead of just one feed for the blog. This way I could (via admin) specify the which categories are public and which are private. Then I can make register the public feed with my aggregator.
    Remember, I am still a newbie so if I am stating the obvious (and this feature already exists), pls consider it a rookie mistake 🙂

    It looks like I was able to take a virgin wp1.3 install and add the Viewlevel and Viewlevel Enhancement plugins. Then modify my wp-rss2.php by inserting a filter_posts() call like so:

    <generator>;?php echo $wp_version ?></generator>
    <?php filter_posts($doing_rss); ?>
    <?php $items_count = 0; if ($posts) { foreach ($posts as $post) { start_wp(); ?>

    this seems to allow me to have a new RSS feed generated based on viewlevel settings when the user clicks on the RSS meta-link in my index.php file.
    While this does not perform category level filtering I was able to produce a modified RSS feed based on viewlevels. I seem to get varying results with this modification. I think it has to to with browser cache as I need to delete the cache and cookies to get the rss2-php to refresh. Is anyone willing to give this a try to validate my hack?
    My next step to to attempt to perform the similar filtering using wycewomen’s filter_cat() suggestion. See

    I’m using WP 1.3 as well, and no matter how I set the $show_private_message I still see the message. any ideas? Does this have something to do with 1.3?

    also, that site for the VL enhancement seems to be down. Are there mirrors for these?

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