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  • I need some of the options that sort in “List Cats” to be available within the loop…

    I would like a plugin that allows me to sort categories to be easier on the eyes / to understand logically / to want to click on categories more.

    What I want personally is a table in posts for my handbag blog.

    I want to do something like this: (the top would not be a category, but a header for the type, the cats are examples)

    | Company: | | Style:. | | Material: |
    | Gucci… | | Tote… | | Leather.. |

    (Ack, the page didn’t accept my spacing for that illustration, excuse that mess.)

    I would also like to allow more general categories, like “on celebrities” and “ugly bags,” listed above that, but different and separate, not the same ones.

    This could be worked out to look how I wanted it if only there was a capability to separate categories within posts / the loop like there is on the sidebar.

    So the plugin author need not worry about my table or even the separating of the kinds of categories.

    I’ll see what I can get, if anything. Basically all I need are some of the options for “list cats.”

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