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  1. sherrgibbs
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    I am running 4 different wordpress databases. I recently had a major problem where for only one of the databases, posts were duplicating on individual pages. After searching here on the forums, I found some help and followed the steps to correct the issue. Unfortunately, those steps misled me and I lost all of the posts in my database. After deleting my tables, I reinstalled wordpress and then imported previously exported tables. I finally have that database running again (after losing 600+ posts). My issue now is my drop-down category plugin.

    I guess that since I reinstalled a newer version of wordpress, my old drop-down category plugin was no longer working. I installed a newer one and now it won't work at all. I can see all of my categories via my dashboard and they're listed in each individual post - however the drop-down menu won't work. (ie: the categories won't appear there) I'm confused and was hoping maybe someone could offer up some advice.

    Here is the non-working one: http://www.revolt-media.com/reviews/
    And here is one from another database using an older version of wordpress and the older plugin: http://www.revolt-media.com/news/

    I'm frustrated and at my wit's end. I'm hoping it's something obvious I've missed. Help??? Please???

  2. sherrgibbs
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Nevermind. I just read that plugin isn't compatible. AWESOME.

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