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  • Hi,
    Like some others this plug-in don’t work for me either.

    I see that is says in the description of the plug in:

    “The page title function only works with themes that use wp_title correctly. Additional work may be necessary to make this plugin compatible with some themes.”
    >> Wouldn’t it have been just great if there was an explanation what this means?
    a) How can I decide if a wp_title is used correctly or not?
    b) What additional work may be necessary?

    When I asked for help, I got a hint saying this:
    “Ironically, Twenty Twelve doesn’t format the title correctly. That said you can use Yoast WordPress SEO to format category page titles you would like. This works well with my plugin which allows you to add content to the category pages. This is what I do for my themes using twenty twelve.”

    I use the Twenty Twelve Theme on WordPress 3.6.
    And I have WordPress SEO by Yoast.

    Example of what I tried:
    I create a category called Resor (Travel in Swedish).
    I add my description in the WP Custom Category Pages section and I also activate it by choosing YES.
    I scroll down and add the SEO Title (this is the Yoast section) and there I write resor. The <title>-tag on that category page is changed from what ever it was before to <title>resor</title>

    When I choose that category this page is opened:
    If I have the plugin activated, the page is blank. If I deactivate the plugin, the text I wrote for the category is there (of course).

    I would really love to use this plugin I just don’t get what I need to do?

    What I need is an entry/email saying something like this:
    Dear Cecilia, this it what you need to do.
    Write this, in that field…


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