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    I have a simple WP site and I create posts in only one of two categories: Snippetz or Stories and I have a category page for each to list a brief listing of them. I had to restore my site after a crash and now the Snippetz page shows no posts. The Stories page shows all posts regardless of category. (In addition, the Stories page shows complete posts, not just up to the –read-more– point).
    How can I repair the two pages to show me summaries of each category?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • WordPress has your category archive “pages” at the following addresses by default, and these built-in category archive “pages” still work 100%:


    Featured Story:

    But it seems you did not use these built-in category archive “pages” (URLs). Anstead found a way (either with custom code a plugin) to fetch the POSTS and display them inside standard WordPress PAGEs.

    And it’s whatever you did that seems to be broken. In fact, it’s broken in more ways than you may realise: when I click on STORIES in the top navigation, the first post I see is actually filed under “Snippetz”.

    If you want to stick to your current system, you need to explain to us how you managed to get the POSTS inside the two PAGES. You may have used custom PHP code, or a plugin. When we know exactly how you did this, then we might be able to help you fix the problem (or at the very least, direct you to the appropriate place to go for help).

    But my personal recommendation is to switch to the WordPress way: change the two menus “STORIES” and “SNIPPETZ” to point to the built-in WordPress category archive “pages” (URLs or addresses) I listed above, rather than trying to display your POSTs inside a PAGE.

    NB: When I use PAGE above (in uppercase), I’m referring to the specific type of content you can create in the WordPress dashboard (so-called static page, as opposed to a chronological POST). But I use “pages” (lower case and quoted) to refer to any destination (address or URL) on your website.

    . (In addition, the Stories page shows complete posts, not just up to the –read-more– point).

    I checked the most recent post on your site. The full post (instead of the excerpt) shows on the category archive page. But I don’t see the “read-more” point inserted anywhere in the post (when I check the code).

    Can you please give an example of a post where you have the “read more” tag, but which still displays the full post instead of the text before the “read more” tag?

    Also, note that most themes have a setting to enforce display of excerpts for all posts. But your theme doesn’t support this (I tested it out), that’s why you have to add the “read more” tag to individual posts.

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    George, thank you SOOOO much for that quick and thorough response. Very clear and helpful. I have no idea how those category pages were created, nor how they ever worked! I took your advice and replaced them with the built-in archive pages and it works perfectly. I also cleaned up the posts and added read-more tags. Thanks again!

    I’m glad you found my answer useful.

    If there’s no other issue and if you have a second to spare, kindly mark the post as RESOLVED.

    Thank you.

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    Got it!

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    Oops, couldn’t mark resolved unless I commented. Then I did but forgot to check “resolved” again!

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