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    your site has validation errors including ‘End tag div seen, but there were open elements’ and ‘Stray end tag div’ which are usually the cause of misalignments.

    these errors might come from the content of the posts or from the templates.
    do you remember what you have last edited or changed before the error started?

    this post ‘Why Are So Many Famous Actors Buddhists?’ looks suspicious -you see the same problem when viewing the single post – double check the code inside the post’s content for matching opening/closign divs and html tags, using the ‘text’ (was ‘html’) setting of the editor.

    Thank you for this information. I never examine the html of the blogs. I only use the text portion of the editor (what you see is what you get portion), where I paste the information from a Word document. Does this mean that the template is not correctly inserting the html tags?



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    I never examine the html of the blogs.

    then start doing it now.

    Let me revise my previous statement. In the beginning, I tried to use the html editor, but it kept revising my html tags whenever I went to the text editor and back again. I eventually stopped going to the html editor, because it seemed pointless. So, if I understand you correctly, I need to make changes to the html editor, even though my experience has taught me that the html editor makes its own changes whenever I make adjustments to the text in the text editor. To reiterate, to date, all of the posts have looked correct in the blog, and on all the category pages, except for the one category page: Two Paths, which has the most blog entries (10). Do you have a manual or any instructions for dealing with the html portion of the editor?

    I’ve been carefully looking through the error list you directed me to, and many of the errors have nothing to do with my text at all. They exist in the template coding, or in one case a WordPress add-on for likes (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). What is your recommendation in this case?



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    many of the validation errors can be ignored;

    however not those ones:

    errors including ‘End tag div seen, but there were open elements’ and ‘Stray end tag div’ which are usually the cause of misalignments.

    for validation, I have no suggestions above what the Codex chapter advises; it takes a lot of experience with coding and WordPress to locate where validation errors come from, and to fix even the smaller errors.

    more important:

    – have you checked the mentioned post, to verify that the problem is the same when you view the single post? i.e. that the problem is likely to be caused by that post?

    – have you looked at the post’s content with the ‘text/htlm’ setting of the editor?

    – have you removed the </div> at the end of that content to see if that solves the problem?

    Regarding your three bulleted points:

    – In comparing the validation errors for the main page of the blog and the “Two Different Paths” category page, the main page has 38 errors, and the category page has 118 errors. From the original validation list you sent me the link for, the items for lines 100-103 are noting errors for the html from a WordPress add-on (links to Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Those errors repeat for each instance of the add-on. The error for line 165 (bad value category tag) is referring to html from the template footer. That error repeats as well for every instance of the footer (at the end of each blog). That error also shows up on the main page of the blog. The errors for lines 1007, 1018, 1019, and 1063 are contained in the html for the side column menu, part of the template.

    – I have printed out the source code for both pages to compare, and have looked at the html code in the WordPress editor. I can correct the errors that appear in my text, but how do the errors in the template footer, menu, and add-ons get corrected?

    – Removing the final </div> from the first article on the category page, caused the right column menu items to appear at the bottom of the page instead of the top of the page.

    I will continue to correct the errors in my text. I’m at the end of my work week, so it will be sometime next week before I can report on the end result of that exercise. Thanks for all your assistance.



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    validation can be tedious – particular if there is more than one post with errors in the list.

    also check this post ‘Buddhism & Christianity: Thought Provoking Analogies’ for an extraneous </div>

    in your case, the last ‘normal’ narrow displayed post on the front page is likely to have an error;
    check it in the single post view.

    you might as well check all posts in the single post view, to find out which ones have problems.

    Success! After cleaning up the general html text errors, what finally straightened out the alignment problems were deleting one stray </div> tag in one article, and removing all <div>, and </div> tags from the second to the last article on the page. Thanks so much for your assistance! It’s much appreciated.

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