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  • Hello everyone,

    I’ve posted a new category order plugin, Category Order 1.8.0. Updates will be posted on my code page. Here is a screenshot of the management page.

    The plugin based on the functionality of pericat’s plugin, but uses a GUI instead of a textual specification language for the category ordering, indentation, and spacing. Because the code is radically different, pericat suggested that I release it as a separate plugin.

    This plugin allows the blog administrator to set an explicit ordering, spacing, and indentation of categories in the category list that appears in the sidebar. The administrator specifies the ordering in the new “Category Order” management page. There is also an option for placing the category post count inside the link.

    The plugin overrides any ordering or indentation of categories created by the list_cats() WordPress function. It works by dissecting the normal ul or br formatted list that WordPress creates, then reconstructing a custom ul or br formatted list based on the new custom ordering and indentation. Since the plugin modifies the display only, you can revert to the default ordering by simply disabling the plugin.

    The plugin handles subcategories (by overriding the parent-child relationship), and the post count on categories. If the plugin fails for you, it is likely that your category list HTML is somewhat different than what the plugin expects. In this case, please email the HTML snippet to the me and I’ll try to fix it.

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  • You might consider entering your plugin here:

    I tried it and I realized that you can order the categories like elements not like a part of a tree. Caterories conform a tree and I would like sort the root of a brach. For example:

    Natural order:

    Desrired order

    Is posible get that only sorting contry and company?.

    And another question: Do you know any function to list the categories that belong a post in separates lines one for each wich the post belong?

    Following with the previous example the traditional way to list the categories that blongs a post is:


    and I would like this:

    Thanks in advance!!

    Juan (from Spain)


    I’m trying to use this excellent plugin with the Blix theme.
    It doesn’t quite work, as sub-categories are no longer indented.
    Anyone managed to get it to work/display properly with Blix?


    Thanks for your plugin – but I am sorry to say it doesn’t workd on WP 2.0 with theme Impact 2.0.

    As soon as the plugin is enabled all categories are not displayed – the part categories is empty.


    This category order plugin worked very nicely with blix:

    I can’t get this promising plugin work on WP 2.0 with Wuhan: all categories vanish in the sidebar. The author says in the readme file that this could be due to the category list HTML that “is somewhat different than what the plugin expects. In this case, please email the HTML snippet to the me and I’ll try to fix it.”
    I’m new to WP and I have no idea where to find this information and even how to start troubleshooting the problem. Thanks for helping.

    Folks, I’ve released a new version for WP2: It may work with prior versions of WordPress–let me know your experiences.

    For those of you who say “my subcategory indentation is lost!” you need to specify that in the management page.

    I’ve tested this plugin for Wuhan, Impact, and Blix and it works fine for me. Email me if you have problems–see the README for details.

    Yes – as far as I tested it works now with Impact 2.0 theme.

    Thanks a lot.

    I have a customized theme for my site – this sounds like the perfect plugin for me, but I’m not a programmer.

    Some of the problems I’ve read scare me off. I can’t have my categories disappearing and being unable to get ’em back…

    Does anyone know somebody for hire that could back up appropriately and implement this correctly for me?

    There might be people around who could help you, but offering paid services in the forum is not allowed. However, you can leave a contact address (like yourname [at] domain [dot] com) and those interested will contact you privately.
    Thanks for understanding.

    Where are you supposed to put the .gif files? I could not find it mentioned, so I stuck a set of thm in both the Plugins folder and the Images folder. But I must have guessed wrong, since there were red Xs in squares instead of those arrows, when I tried using it.

    Hi. Great job with the plugin.
    Is there a chance to add the abbilty for a folding catagory tree (like those in browsers nevigation).

    10x in advance,

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