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    Hi All,

    A programmer we hired, a flakey kid who doesnt know the meaning of responsibility and pride, left our company (myself) having to finish and fix the website. I fixed some of the pages, formatting, plugins, galleries, etc but having trouble with a link from a category.

    I create a new project in services, but even after I create a new product for a category (correct box checked off for the category), the link goes to the wrong place. -> products -> wall sconce goes to “table lamps”. If you type manually it pops up.

    is this a problem with the single-project code or something in wordpress?

    Also the aspect ratio of the products is off under the main page of the categories. Our othersite (old wordpress) started doing the same thing real old site. think wordpress 3.0

    I’m pretty quick on learning stuff and have uploaded and manipulated templates before. This problem is throwing me off though.

    Also, when I try to fix a misspelling of “chandelier”, since he used “chandellier” for the slug and title, it killed the page. I got an empty page with the word “blog”. It took me 20 minutes to figure out changing the spelling killed the page – I guess the slug and title are found in another place in the code template. I just dont know where.

    Any help is GREATLY APPRECIATED. If any code is needed I have access to the FTP page. This kid just said “Start Here” and sent me the ftp and figure out the code. He bought the template from Russia – go figure.

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  • I believe your wall-sconce -> table lamps problem is due to an incorrect item in a custom menu. Go to Admin->Appearance->Menus and find the menu with the item ‘Wall Sconce’ in it. If you click the little down arrow on its right, it will probably show that the ‘Original’ value is ‘Table Lamp’.

    You will need to remove that item and add Wall Sconce in. I think Wall Sconce is a Category, so look in the Category box on the right, check Wall Sconce, and click Add to Manu. Then drag the new menu item to the correct position and click ‘Save Manu’.

    To correct the aspect ratio of the images on the main page, add this line to the end of your style.css:

    ul#services-overview li div img { height: auto; }

    Got more out of this forum then I did from the actual person who…well lucky I am a person who believes in doing things themselves if you want them done. Have to ask for help sometimes. That did it! From there i figured out where to change to the correct spellings of the categories and add other links I will need. I have another issue, but probably best just making another topic on it.


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