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  • conart0


    I’m no good at writing code but really need some help!
    On my front page is the News category. I want only 6 posts or so to show (which I’ve managed – but I don’t know where the rest have gone!) and for people to be able to click on News and it will navigate to another page displaying all the news items (archived monthly)….
    How do I do this? Step by step would be useful!
    Thank you!!!

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  • isensmith


    displaying only 6 posts at a time on the front page:
    in the dashboard go to “Settings” click on “Reading” and enter 6 into the field labeled “Blog pages show at most”. when you look at the front page there should be a button or some text at the bottom that leads to the rest of the posts, it will say ‘more’ or ‘earlier’ or something.

    a second page the displays all your posts archived monthly:
    you need what’s called an Archive Page. not all themes have one of these by default but the way to find it is this: in the dashboard go to “Pages” and click on the page you want for this purpose (if you haven’t made one already then make one now). in the right hand column there is a box called “Page Attributes”. if your theme already has a default Archives template it will be in this box in the drop-down under “Template”. if your theme does NOT have a “Template” drop-down that means there are no other page template options.
    if this is the case, id suggest you do some searching on the topic of creating an Archive Template. it might be a bit of teaching yourself some stuff but on the whole not that hard.



    Thanks for the reply. No ‘more’ link comes up however….thus maybe I need code?

    Regarding the archive page: I have the page set up but my main page currently displays my most recent posts in 3 sections: Interviews,articles,features; contributors; newsboard. I have created a separate page for News which I’d like the newsboard to archive to. However, I don’t know how to create the link. Furthermore, it only shows my most recent 4 posts (which is what I want it to do) but the rest have now disappeared to some obscure page!

    Any suggestions?

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