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  1. jabbamonkey
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I have the following code:

    if (is_category() || is_page('finds') || is_page('family')) {
    if(is_category('finds') || in_category('finds') || is_page('finds')) {
       $maincat = 'Finds';
    } elseif(is_category('family') || in_category('family') || is_page('family')) {
       $maincat = 'Family'; }
    $maincat_nicename = strtolower($maincat);
    echo '<h2> CatName:'.$maincat.' CatNiceName:'.$maincat_nicename.'<br /></h2>';

    Basically, the code checks to see if the page is a CATEGORY or a specific PAGE. Then, depending on the category or page name, it sets a variable ($maincat). Either the page is a PAGE or it IS a CATEGORY or is IN a CATEGORY (for example: it is either the category called 'Find', or it is IN a category called 'Find').

    Most of the time, this code works fine. But, there is one category called 'School-Age' that is located in the 'Family' category that doesn't work. When I go to that category page for 'school-age', it does NOT set the variable $maincat. It should satisfy the condition:

    (because it is IN the 'family' category)

    and it should do the following:

    $maincat = 'Family';

    But, it is NOT echoing a value for $maincat.

    Please help! I double-checked the administration and there is definitely a category in FAMILY called SCHOOL-AGE. Also, there are other categories that work fine.

  2. jabbamonkey
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I just checked something else... So, I go to the page...

    And I wrote this at the top of the page...

    if ( in_category('family') ) {
    	echo '<h3>IN family category</h3>';
    } else {
    	echo '<h3>NOT in family category</h3>';

    And it is outputting... 'NOT in family category'

    Can anyone explain why this is happening? It's obviously IN the family category...

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