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  • So I have this problem, trying to change category slug and it doesn’t work… I think it cause I had the same tag tittle, I removed it but problem is still there… My thinking, if its still in mysql not letting me use that slug? If yes, where can I find it in db, and how do I get rid of it? any help appreciated, thanks!

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  • wow, not a single answer!

    yea, it’s weird… noboby knwos how to fix such a simple error.

    I am trying to change the name and slug of an existing category in WordPress 2.7 and I get the message “Category not updated.” in a box with a red outline.

    I successfully updated 14 categories prior to this one.

    I do not have a tag called the same name and I have no idea why I can’t update this category.

    I also do not have any duplicate categories.

    Does anyone have any other ideas as to why this may happen?



    Yes I had same problem and just fixed it. See this thread for more infos.

    The solution is not to give your category the same name or slug as a tag because categories and tags use the same area in the database. It seems through this does not exact solve your problem so you should also try Optimize or Repair your databsse, which is what I did and then it worked fine.

    I’m also now having this same issue of “Category not updated.”

    I was forced to add a new one, and remove the existing one instead.

    Search all your tag name/slug for the same category name/slug you want to change to and then delete/change it. I just fixed the same problem in this way. WordPressChina has explained the principle above.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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