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  • i wish to find a way to organize topics: each post is a movie with links to the actors / directors. the actors / directors will have their own detail page > the director page would show bio and dynamically list their movie(s).

    right now they are simple categories and works but there are only 5 movies, 7 actors, 4 directors. the category out-of-the-box admin will get unwieldy with 500-plus movies.

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    Why not use tags for the actors / directors?

    darn, getting pretty good with categories 😉 i’ve been rereading this thread on tags, alpha indexing, etc. it’s really over my head and am not sure if this thread is relevant =

    that said, for the test one of the directors has been added to the tags on three movies. no surprise, each movie has several tags, now i’ve added the talent. one thing, no tag links are visible on any of my pages except as underlines within the post narrative. so i’m wondering how to display the talent and not the other tags. and down the road it would be nice to have an alpha directory for each, the actor / director.

    i’ve just downloaded simple tags and exploring.

    i wish i recorded the link to the wordpress hierarchy. moderator michael h pointed it out today and i can’t find it. looking for something so i can better understand how tags work.

    simple tags not what i was hoping for.

    found the above hierarchy info. also i found a lot of tag info on codex and at first/second/third glance it appears in a perfect world all one has to do is substitute category calls for tags = same options. that tags behave differently than categories but can be designed to look the same and provide a great degree of control on where they point. right ? however, doing so will eliminate the huge category list.

    the big concern has been my tags are longish search phrases that i don’t want to be visible to junk up the layout. but it seems there are options to make certain ones visible, i.e., designer and producer in this case. right ?

    yes, it appears that i am talking to myself but looking for confirmation / clarification. in the meantime, going to start and see where it goes.

    note: sorry, first time writing as opposed to copy/paste and will get the hang of it.

    how to write following code with the following conditions.

    1) actor tag = john doe
    2) actor ID = 2304
    3) css = <p class=”tagged”>

    wish to look like this = Actor: john doe

    attempted this…

    <p class="tagged"><?php $posttags = get_the_tags()?> <?php echo 'Actor: ' . tag_description('2304'); ?></p>

    all we see = Actor:

    not meant as a bump but here is what i am hoping to do in this first task…

    at the end of my post the titles “actor” and “producer” will be in place as they are now in the template. when i add john doe as a tag in admin his name will appear after the actor title. his name will also link to the actor’s personal page.

    1) below: this looks great. the only problem is it lists ALL the tags and can’t figure out how to only call out john doe.

    <p class="tagged"><strong>Actor:</strong> <?php the_tags(' &middot; ') ?></p>

    2) below: “john-doe” is now in the tag description and again, same result, all the tags and no “john-doe”. am i writing this wrong?

    <p class="tagged"><strong>Actor:</strong> <?php tag_description('john-doe') ?></p>

    <p class="tagged"><strong>Actor:</strong> <?php the_tags(' &middot; ') ?> <?php tag_description('john-doe') ?></p>

    3) i am wrong, there doesn’t seem to be exclude / parent_of etc., conditionals in tags as there are in categories. i suppose all tags could be removed except those of the actor / producer for their specific movie post. right ? will this effect searches ?

    1) just realized john doe’s tag ID = term ID 2310. so i tried below with no success…

    <p class="tagged"><strong>Actor:</strong> <?php the_tags(' &middot; ') ?> <?php is_term(2310) ?></p>

    2) another thorn. when saved my tags arrange in alpha order rather than how i list them. having them appear as listed is preferable as i can precede tags with “Actor/Producer:”

    back to categories until tags get more robust or someone shares some light.

    it would be NICE in the admin > categories > when we add a category we could assign it to a post !

    found a plugin that eases post editing = admin management xtended

    I dont think tags are the way to go. Stick with categories that is the simpliest way bots/ spiders will find the info.

    I have a blog,
    I use category too. Maybe on each post that contain an actor/director linked to it’s own page on different category.

    Why don’t bots find tags? That’s crazy.



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