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    I want my main page to have a list of all the categories on the site, with the category description underneath the category title link. Each category will be authored by a single author and I would like to also have an author link included for each category. I know I want some pretty specific things, I’m hoping that someone out there has some ideas on how I may be able to accomplish this.

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  • The first part of your request (category listings on the front page) is easy to put something together for. In fact I’m already doing something similar, though not on the main page.

    The second part (author link) looks tricky. With nothing inherent in WordPress tying an author to a category, I’m not sure what you could do here. I have a few ideas, but I’m not sure how practical they are.

    Anyway, if you’re interested I can generalize the code I’m using for my own categories Page and post it. For a start…

    It would be great if you’d post the code.

    Here it is all wrapped up in a Page template:

    Category List Page template
    Download template | View source

    Comments are strewn throughout, but let me know if something’s not clear. As I mention above this is a Page template, but it can just as easily be made into a Home (home.php) template and used as your main page.

    This post is eight months old, but it just saved my life. Been looking for exactly this functionality for hours, and I’ll be using it in my site. Thank you very much! This is so well-commented and detailed. Man.

    indeed – thank you very much from me too

    All this just to get the category description with the link isn’t there an easier way ?

    I thought the wp-get-categories has some option to include description

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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