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Category List in Write Post Window (2.0)

  • Search still not working here. But I bet you know that. And most times, when I click a link here in the support forums, I get a 404 error page the first, second, and even sometimes the third time I click it. But persistence pays off — isn’t that usually true in life? — and I get the page I want.

    Anyway, I love 2.0 and the upgrade went VERY smoothly — thanks!

    A nit-picky request: is there any way to make the category list in the Write Post window of 2.0 appear as a list and NOT a scrolling list? I have about 20 categories and a few new users and I know they won’t scroll down in that list. Besides, it’s a nuisance for me, too.

    Obviously, not a high priority request — you seem to have your hands full with the site and more pressing matters now.

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  • There’s no option or it, neither would it be possible to make a plugin out of it, but it’s a two line hack if you’re willing to go into core code.

    Simply open up wp-admin/wp-admin.css in a text editor like Notepad (NOT a word processor like Microsoft Word) and go down to line 783 (I think you can press Ctrl+L to go to a specific line in Notepad). Delete line 783 and the line immediately following it. So, your code would be something like this before the change:

    #categorydiv div div {
    height: 12em;
    overflow: auto;

    And after,

    #categorydiv div div {

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