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  • Ok, at someone elses suggestion I’ve started a new post for this problem. If you go to – and click on any of the category links, they don’t work – they return you to the main page instead ( The link in the bar shows as: for example, but all that is shown on the screen is the standard page.

    If it’s relevant, I have limited to showing category 1 posts (and I think 11 as well), and the /russell.php page shows every other category at the moment.

    I’ve been searching online and through forums all day, and haven’t been able to work out why the category links are behaving this way, I was hoping someone here could help me out.

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  • No luck huh. Can you give me the wordpress version? If it’s a beta build maybe it can be reproduced and we can report it as a bug.

    It’s version 1.2.1. thanks.

    1.2.1 is one version behind the official. That is 1.2.2 now, so you might try upgrading first. It fixes also some security issues so it’s probably better to upgrade in any case.

    Ok, I’ve upgraded now, which is probably a good thing anyway, but I still have the same problem. The only files that weren’t upgraded were the ones that it was noted were not necessary to upgrade (index.php, wp-config.php, wp-layout.css, wp-comments.php and wp-comments-popup.php). Category links still not working 🙁

    Can anyone out there help? I’ve rejigged my index file from scratch, and my category links still aren’t working eg:
    should take you to climbing posts, but just displays the index.php instead.

    Hi, I’m still having the same problem. Have been playing around with it tonight trying to fix it (actually I’ve just spent hours trying to fix this, and various other problems). If anyone wants to tell me why my rounded corners are also showing through the square corners – but only for some of the corners – in IE, that’d be nice too 🙂

    Ahhh. Well, IE doesn’t play nice with stuff like rounded corners etc. unless it’s actual image files. And if you’re trying to use layers, or alpha channel transparencies, IE will just sit there and play dumb.

    You never said what sort of server you’re on – I’ve never had this problem on a *nix server, but couldn’t say about a windows version – that’s IIS, I think….

    And while I can’t say much more about your categories problem (though I did see the “red rock” pics, etc. – climbing posts?), I CAN tell you that on Firefox, your rounded corners display perfectly! The baby gecko is WAY cute – have you named himmer?

    I’m using good old Windows XP, generally looking at site in Firefox, but occasionally becoming motivated to fiddle with it in IE.

    As for the rounded corners working ok in Firefox… after fixing up the problem with the menu dropping below the content in IE, the corners at the bottom of the body box have now disappeared. The only way I can get them to reappear is positioning them using “absolute”, which is just silly. And likewise, at the moment the corners on the bottom of the menu are positioned using absolute, which isn’t ideal, although the menu is less likely to be changing in length than the body. I’m trying to read up more on the way all of these positioning techniques affect each other, but it’s a long long process.

    And yes, LOTS of climbing posts! The baby gecko might be named Sky Captain (he hatched from an egg a friend found while gardening, so she gets final naming rights though). We’re not sure on the boy/girl thing yet though.

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