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    I’m having a problem with the Category links in my sidebar not working properly.

    The category links link to (e.g)

    but this doesn’t just give me the posts in category 7. Now the links will work fine the the wordpress default theme, but they do not work with the modified theme I am using which is based on the equix theme.

    I can post anyfiles you may need to see to

    I just don’t understand why my theme won’t work for category, or date-based archives but the default will. I didn’t realize this was theme related. I have searched the support forums and tried a few things I’ve found but nothing has worked so far.

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  • cpjolicoeur: I’m having the same problem. Did you find a solution?

    not yet, still digging hard and pulling out my hair. Are you using a mod of the equix theme or a different theme all together? Let me know if you find something.

    It’s a different theme that I created. I’ve been pulling my hair out over it since last Friday.

    Edit: the site does work with the default theme. Just seems to be an issue with my new theme.

    if you are referring to your “Syracuse Rantings” blog, the category links on your site seem to be working when I try them.

    No sorry, it’s this blog The category links are in the gray navbar. The links in red are page id links that seem to work fine.

    cpjolicoeur: By any chance are you using the nightly builds on your site that you’re having problems with? I was, and I replaced it with the current Strayhorn version as talked about in this thread and it fixed my problem.

    no, i’m not using the nightly builds. I am using the 1.5.2 release. this is the “strayhorn” build, isnt it?

    I really need to get this figured out?? Can’t someone help me with this?

    Except cat-7 they seem to be working.
    Is there a chance that several categories are “children” or sub-categories of #7? Because if a cat has subcats, clicking on the category name in the sidebar it will show the posts in the respective cat + ALL the posts in its subcats.

    no, there are no subcategories. And I don’t see what you are seeing. EVERY category and even the date archives by month are not working for me. All of the cats including 7 do not work.

    still having problem. I have spent the morning in #wordpress working w/ tinster on the issue and he can’t seem to find anything wrong. I have updated permalinks to no avail. any help would be appreciated.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    If it works with the default theme, but not with the theme you have, then the theme author broke something.
    Have you tried uploading a few different themes and trying them – it doesn’t matter if you don’t want the theme, it’s the trying that we need – we need to see where this breaks and if it breaks with other themes.

    Then, get hold of the default equix and use that without making any changes at all. What happens ?

    What you have not mentioned in this thread are plugins – do you have any at all that interfere with categories, posts, archives or anything related ?

    Start from not-broken and work through until it does break. Then whatever you did last is the culprit and it wil be easier to target the help.

    ok, I’ll begin the “disassembly” tonight when I can and start from scratch until I hit the problem.

    ok, i found my problem. I had a code issue in sidebar.php that was overwriting the global $posts. Since I had moved get_sidebar() function to the top of the page right after get_header() instead of having it come at the end right before the get_footer() function, the posts corrupting the links for my categories.

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