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  1. egeyisi
    Posted 11 years ago #

    Now it makes me nervous that in all steps the obstacles find me.

    First I was this problem: http://wordpress.org/support/topic.php?id=26716
    I found a solution for this one here:

    And it worked well.

    However, this time all of my category links became irrelevant. I mean, no matter which category link I click, it automatically orients me through the default category URL. Below is the link of my site. On the top of the green left sidebar you will find my category links. Click two or three of them, and you will see that it will always give you the same (default) category.

    Is there someone who has an idea how to normalize it?

  2. egeyisi
    Posted 11 years ago #

    i forgot to put the link of the site that i mentioned : ) here it is:


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