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  • Hi there,

    Having an issue with a specific Category showing ‘0’ Posts under Categories/Dashboard although there’s a lot of posts under that Category.

    Also, when I view a post under the Category in question and I click on the Category link I get no posts showing but a message “Sorry, no entries found.”

    The other Categories show up fine, just this one titled ‘Video’ found at

    I’ve tried renaming the Category to a few different names/slugs with no avail.

    Will appreciate it if someone can shed some light on this issue.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Still need help with this issue, if anyone got any ideas or a fix, please let me know.


    Anyone able to help me out with this issue? If there is more info I need to provide, please let me know and I’ll happily provide the info needed.

    If you’re certain the video category does have posts, you probably have a plugin or theme conflict. You should start by disabling all of your plugins and changing to the 2013 theme and testing. If the posts show, you have some kind of conflict. Start enabling plugins one at a time and testing until you find out which one is causing the problem.

    Yep, definitely have posts under the ‘Video’ category. Cool, thanks, will give that a go.


    Just tried your suggestions and still not showing. Under Categories, the Video category still shows 0 and I know my site has over 500 posts under this Video category, not sure how this happened. 🙁

    Did you disable all plugins and change to 2013 at the same time, so that you’re running only the 2013 theme and no plugins?

    Yep, I disabled all plugins and switched over to the 2013 theme.

    Does this link look right?

    That link just shows the home page. I go here but I get the error “Sorry, no entries found.”.

    Thanks for the help btw, really appreciate your time and efforts 🙂

    So just shows the home page with all cats? Interesting.

    Does your theme have a file called category-video.php? If so, you could paste the contents of that file into and share the link here?

    You could also install the Rewrite Rules Inspector plugin to check if anything weird is going on there.

    Also, could you pastebin the contents of your .htaccess file?

    I installed the Rewrite Rules Inspector, how do I check if anything weird is going on?

    The current theme we’re using has no category-video.php.
    Also, how do I pastebin contents of the .htaccess file?

    If you see nothing related to video in the Inspector, you should be ok.

    If you have FTP or shell access to your web host, you can find the .htaccess file in the web root directory. If you can’t see it, you can install a plugin like WP htaccess editor to see the content of the file.

    Hope I did this right lol

    Now with the rewrite inspector, all I do is paste url in there and click filter?
    Should I also paste the results here?

    The WP portion of the .htaccess looks right.

    When you visit Posts > Categories in the admin, the Video category shows the slug and the # of posts. What do those say?

    If your theme has a category.php file, please paste its contents into pastebin.

    When you visit Plugins in the admin, across the top it shows All, Active, Updates Available (might not show), etc. Does it show “Must-Use”?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 27 total)
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