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  • Am using a variation of the classic aordpress theme. Where it used to work on 1.5 gamma, i now only get the first 10 or so posts in any given month or any given cvategory, instead of all the posts. Is there meant to be a “next page” link? or is this a bug? please help! see nathaniel and the non-agressive and click on any cat or month to see what I mean – I have over a hundred posts in almost every cat. thanks much in advance, nathaniel

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  • oops. messed up link. it’s nathaniel and the non-agressive, and it’s wordpress, not aordpress 😉

    thanks much for any assistance.

    I don’t think the classic theme comes with page navigation installed, from what I recall. Did you try adding to the template?

    nevermind! figured it out! thanks!

    What about if I just want to see all my entries on one page when I choose a month from my archives? I don’t see an option for setting “show at most” under “reading options” differently for archives vs my opening page (and my preference is not to have 30 days of stuff show on my opening page, but I’ll do that if there’s not a better option.)

    I’m looking for an answer to this question also. I have my ‘Show at most’ set to 5 because I only want five posts on the front page. In my Category and Monthly Archive it also shows only five posts. I want it to show every post in the Category and every post for that Month in the Archive. How can I do this?

    Hi pcarlow,

    I eventually got what I needed here from Nick Momrik’s (found via podz

    You probably know to save your old files (in this case, archive.php I think, and if you want to do the same thing for search results, search.php. Looks like they download as text and you rename them. I say “looks like” because it’s been a while!) Anyway, in this case, you’ll definitely need the old files, to pilfer code for tweaking. Momrik’s code gives you the whole month on an archive page, but only the titles. What I did (inspired by Podz, but [wheee] I figured it out on my own) was to go to the original files where some of the options (month, week, etc) are set to show excerpts as well. Nabbed that code and edited the Momrik file and I’ve got a month of partial entries on one page at least.

    I would imagine that a bit more industriousness could similarly give a month of full posts if that’s what you want. This is as far as I went for what it’s worth.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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