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  • Hello everyone,

    I’ve written a plugin to limit the visibility of posts based on category. To use it, you edit the user options at the top of the code, setting levels for each category. If a given user doesn’t have a high enough level for any category of a post, they will either see nothing, or see a message (depending on what you’ve specified).

    You can think of this plugin as viewlevels, except for categories instead of individual posts.

    Get the plugin here. Get the padlock icon here.

    I will post any updates on my code page.

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  • I was looking for something like this… but I am getting a 404. =(

    Hm… It seems like this plugin is basically the same as private-categories by Will Wyatt, but not as feature-ful and supported. I’ll probably kill development of this plugin and just switch to his.

    His is unavailable until further notice – I’m going to try yours

    Works really well, thanks Coppit

    how to set more than one category ?

    Just installed this category-levels.php worked fine, good work!

    I have tested it and me registering as a user with level 1, the part I think could be room for improvement is that I really just want users of level 1 to view protected posts but not be able to write posts and manage category etc….. Of course it would be nice if the user configurations are within the WP admin panel instead of inside the php file.

    Hi David,

    Is there any possibility to extend your plugin to hidden categories under sidebar as well until users are login?

    Thanks to everyone for the feature suggestions and support. Please also email me, since I rarely check this thread. (Is there no email notification of posts?)

    The most recent version hides categories in the sidebar. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to write an options panel for it, or separately handle posting and reading. I’ve basically scratched my itch, and am waiting for someone else with the proper motivation to continue development.

    The link above does not work. But I found the code on coppit’s site, here is the new URL

    It’s great, works like a charm, and has been updated to include an admin interface — just go to your Manage tab, and youll see a new subtab that says Category Levels.

    Thanks Coppit!

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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