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  • Hello,

    The title represents what the issue might be. If someone else knows of another conflict to why this is happening please let me know.

    First, my ‘products’ page will not show up unless I increase the admin_memory_limit to 1024M. When it’s set to the WP max memory I just get a blank page, usually I would get a php fetch error but not anymore.

    Second when I try to update ‘product gallery’, enable reviews or anything below categories it will not update. I say anything below categories because I can change description, title, featured image and the changes stay.

    This does not happen on the products that only have a couple hundred categories tied to them. I know that seems like a lot of categories so let me explain the category structure.

    I’m using categories as a 3 tier drop down menu for fitment (check in the header). This seems like the only way for us to use this feature in woocommerce. So we have 2068 categories. We will expand on these categories each year, so this number will not be going away any time soon. I had to load the categories via database uploads, and and link each product through the term_taxonomy table for this even to be possible. Every new product gets updated through database files rather than using the admin panel.

    The issue we are having is for products that have over a 1000 categories tied to them. Here is one listing that has 1166 categories: link

    Will sql updates be the only possible way for me to do this? Would really like to be able to use the admin panel so I’m not the only one doing updates here…

    Any insight is very helpful, we’ve been battling this for a while now.

    WC version: 2.0.2


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