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  • I need to create or customize a WP theme so that the home page displays category images–a portfolio-type layout in which the images links to custom category templates that display a similar portfolio-type array of images, one each for child of that category.

    For example, say the home page has 6 images, one for each category. Say one category is “store windows.” When clicked, that image should lead to a custom category template that displays images for all children of that category. For “store windows” the children would each be different stores, say Bloomingdale’s, Barney’s, etc.

    Each of those child-category images would in turn link to a page for the individual store. On that page, I hope to place a slide-viewer (not sure that’s what you call it) that allows users to see images and captions for a collection of photos of my client’s work on that store’s windows.


    Is this how you would go about creating such a hierarchy?

    Is the Category Image plugin what I should use (using the variable that tells WP where to find the images to put them in the directory that the WP image uploader uses) so the client can update the site through the admin interface and not have to upload images via ftp?

    Any advice?

    Thanks, much.

    Brad Miskell

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