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  • I ran in to this problem too, and have just now posted a comment on Scott’s site to let people know. Hopefully he’ll fix it shortly.

    I believe they’ve changed the get_category_link() function to take different parameters. The old one took three, and Scott’s code always called it with zero as the first parameter, the category ID as the second parameter, and the category “nice name” as the third. The new one takes only one, the category ID. The extras are ignored, but all your IDs wind up zero.

    Simply change all the references to get_category_link() to just use the category ID. It was pretty clear in the code what to change.

    I am not sure it’s quite the right answer; setting ‘parent’ to “single” or “mulitple” makes strange things happen. I don’t know if it’s my hack that makes it strange or if it wasn’t quite right to begin with.

    You can see my hacked on version working at where I’m wasting time writing blogs for characters in a video game. =)

    Hope that helps.

    Would you look at that, works like a charm. Thanks dude.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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