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  • For some reason, my category ID’s are all over the place.

    My categories with their respective ID’s are:

    Interviews – 1067
    News – 4
    Press Releases -7
    Reviews – 10
    Tech Explained – 1290

    If i create a new category, it gets a number like 3742.

    Any ideas?

    I had a look in wp_terms and term ID and there are a lot of fields in there. So i’m guessing i would need to delete some of these? But i don’t want to mess up my database, only just backed up and reinstalled to fix another issue i had.

    I don’t want to create any more categories but i want to change the 2 categories that are such high numbers.



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  • Hi,

    You can change the category ID from the database table just need to edit the details from the table and save it..


    Shane G.

    What table is this in?

    My tables are:

    * Browse wpau_active_plugins_info
    * Browse wpau_upgrade_log
    * Browse wp_adrotate
    * Browse wp_adrotate_groups
    * Browse wp_adrotate_tracker
    * Browse wp_comments
    * Browse wp_email
    * Browse wp_links
    * Browse wp_options
    * Browse wp_pollsa
    * Browse wp_pollsip
    * Browse wp_pollsq
    * Browse wp_postmeta
    * Browse wp_posts
    * Browse wp_ratings
    * Browse wp_shashin_album
    * Browse wp_shashin_photo
    * Browse wp_statpress
    * Browse wp_terms
    * Browse wp_term_relationships
    * Browse wp_term_taxonomy
    * Browse wp_usermeta
    * Browse wp_users


    Done it, wp_term and wp_term_taxonomy


    It is probably a fruitless to get your category IDs to be sequential. The post category IDs are shared with tags, link categories, and any other taxonomies so typically they will “be all over the place”.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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