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  • Hello,

    I need the Category_ID in a loop to make conditionnal conditions and the function Category_ID is deprecated. So I have search a lot for the good method. I have found a get_the_category whitch is not working for me…

    I’m on WP1.5.2, I just want to obtain the cat ID of the current post, it’s possible I’m a little dummy but… I don’t succed and Wiki, Codex and forum give opposite informations.

    Is there someone who know the truth about it (the contemporary truth) ? And how to make ?

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  • it’s not possible. lol …

    tried this a while back and wade thru every single category function, nothing.. there was once a “the_category_id” but it has deprecated.. for whatever reason. Only way to get it is thru hacking a bit..

    it’s strange, isn’t it?

    Posts can be in multiple categories so the old method no longer worked properly. Will some variation of the example “replacement” on not work for you?

    It’s totally unbelievable. If you can’t have the current cat ID, how do you make conditions if ?????!

    I have only 6 root category (no child). I absolutely need which category is current in my “single template”. When I say absolutely, it’s absolutely, because when it is a category, you have something display, and another, another display.

    I can’t ask my author to use templates for each post ! And templates won’t solve the problem when there is are if for an unique category…

    I made this so easely with b2 that I couldn’t imagine I won’t be able with WP ! How will I do ??? It’s not a bug, it’s a structural vice.

    Sorry, I have made a error in my code and

    foreach((get_the_category()) as $cat) {
    echo $cat->cat_ID . ‘ ‘;
    } ?>

    works for me ! 🙂
    Always be carefull before crying too much… :-X

    Euuuh, always me…

    I use

    foreach((get_the_category()) as $cat)

    and after in my simgle template, I use a very basic if condition :

    if ($cat != 1)
    {echo ‘test’;}
    {echo ”;}

    And my condition doesn’t work… ?? Is there some technical specification about this way of catching cat ID to explain this ?
    I don’t see the smallest error in my nano-code.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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