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  • I’m trying to find category ids for use in the Enhanced Recent Posts plugin.

    I recall that somewhere you could mouse over the category name and the id showed as a tool tip. (This HAD to have been in 3.0 beta or 3.0 or 3.0.1, since I only started using WordPress this summer!) Now the category id seems to be deprecated (?!), and no tool tip shows that I can find. Tried all kinds of tricks in Firefox, no category id found that way.

    People are saying that Enhanced Recent Posts works for them in 3.0, and it worked fine for me from August UNTIL I needed to adjust my categories. IF category ids can’t be found (or no longer exist–could they be handled by the category name??), then Enhanced Recent Posts really ISN’T useable.

    Some folks have posted some php snippets that I guess return an id, but I don’t know what to do with those snippets. (Install them in some file? I’m a php cut-and-paste-er, at best.) And what on earth would be the point of making the category ID so hard to discover?

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