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  • I’ve read the information, but I haven’t installed it though if I undertand correctly the process is:

    1) upload
    2) activate
    3) create image and match the name of the nicename category
    4) enter the code in the loop, probably replacing the origingal code.

    At the moment I have edited the theme I have by having the category text link move to the right of the page – so the image would display:

    text of post category text link

    When I click on the post, however, the category link doesn’t appear, so I wonder if the actual category image would appear? I also noticed that the css is carried over, so my modification looks a little odd, and there is white space to the right.

    WOuld welcome some help on this.

    Thanks in advance

    site is

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  • sorry I don’t really understand what is going wrong is it the css or the cat image?

    ok, if you look at the main page it shows the the category link to right of the post text – I’ve done it like this so that when I use the category plguin, ti will set the image wherever the category link is.

    Clicking on the post, however, leaves a white space on the right where the category link should be, which is where the image would appear. How can I set it so that either

    a) the white space is replaced by the category image


    b) the white space is removed and the post takes the space, but without effecting the main page and the way I have it set up.

    Hope that makes it clearer

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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