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  • I am building a directory website and of course I have PARENT CATEGORIES and SUB CATEGORIES

    My problem is when I add a listing to a sub category it shows up in the PARENT CATEGORY also…… how can I have a listing only show up in the SUB CATEGORY if I want it to. Let me say this that the problem happens even with the SUBCATEGORY only selected (checked off).

    Is there a plugin that will fix this?

    Help Please.

    Thank You,

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  • Where on the site are you displaying these categories?

    I am displaying it in a regular page. It is not being displayed in a sidebar or anything.

    Do you think you could post a URL to your website so that I can get a better idea of what your specific problem is?

    Here is the url if you look at the category Alaska Parks you will see a sub category “Alaska National Parks” when you click on the sub category link it displays properly the listing “Katmai National Park” which has been assigned to the “Alaska National Parks” Sub Category. My problem is when you click on “Alaska Parks” Parent Category it also displays there. In word press control panel I assigned that listing to just the Sub Cat “Alaska National Parks” Why is it displaying in the parent. Can I stop this.

    Ok, so if i’m understanding you correctly, you want the parent categories to serve as labels, and the child categories to hold the actual content? In other words, you want the parent categories (i.e. “Alaska National Parks”) to remain unlinked, so they can’t be clicked on?

    If you want to change the output on the page, i’m going to need to know the name of the theme you’re working with. Note that if it’s a commercial theme, then I won’t be able to offer any specific suggestions on how you could make this work. You’ll have to contact the makers of the theme, and ask them for support.


    What I want to happen is if I check off the parent category I want the listing just under the parent, if I check off the sub category it will show just in the sub category. I want to use the Parent for special websites that are not so specific as the sub category is.

    The maker of the theme says its a wordpress function they told me It has nothing to do with them. They said thats the way wordpress is setup by default.

    Ok, then i’ll have to see the code for the template that handles the display of that page. That way, I can see what approach they are taking to displaying those links, and can recommend the proper solution.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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