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    Hi, I have both the Unique Headers and Unique Headers Single Posts plugins installed on my website. I have the latter set to show a particular header on two categories of posts – that is, on the category page itself, and also on each post using that category.

    This was working perfectly well, until some time recently. I have only just realised, but my headers for those categories are not showing. Is there a way to fix this?

    My website is running WordPress 4.7.4 using a child theme of Twenty Ten, Unique Headers Version 1.7.11 and Unique Headers Single Posts Version 1.5
    The URL is

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  • Plugin Author Ryan Hellyer


    Do you have any idea what you did immediately before this happened?

    Unfortunately, I don’t know how long the problem has been occurring, because I only noticed it today. I can tell you the last plugin updates I made, though, if that is helpful? Those are the only changes I’ve made recently to the site.

    Yesterday, I upgraded Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights to version 6.1.8 and the day before that I upgraded Akismet Anti-Spam to 3.3.2. I previously updated Akismet on the 3rd May.

    XML Sitemaps has been updated twice, on the 1st and 5th of May, and is now on version 3.0.1

    The plugins I have installed and active are:
    Access Monitor Version 1.1.8
    Add From Server Version 3.3.3
    Add Meta Tags Version 2.11.3
    Akismet Anti-Spam Version 3.3.2
    Author Category Version 0.8
    Blog in Blog Version 1.1.1
    Columns Version 0.7.3
    cookie-cat Version 1.4.3
    Display Posts Shortcode Version 2.8.0
    Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights Version 6.1.8
    Jetpack by Version 4.9
    oik Version 3.1.4
    oik-privacy-policy Version 1.3.3
    Preview Version 1.0
    Server IP & Memory Usage Display Version 1.4.0
    Unique Headers Version 1.7.11
    Unique Headers Single Posts Version 1.5
    Widget CSS Classes Version 1.4.0
    Wistia WordPress Plugin Version 0.8
    Wordfence Security Version 6.3.8
    WP Accessibility Version 1.6.0
    XML Sitemaps Version 3.0.1

    My only inactive plugin is WP Display Header Version 4

    I don’t know if all that is useful to you – hopefully it is!

    Plugin Author Ryan Hellyer


    Thanks for the thorough reply. Could you try deactivating the Author Category Version plugin to see if that corrects the problem?

    I’m insanely busy, so can’t immediately sit down to debug it right now.

    Hiya, thanks for the reply.
    I’ve deactivated the Author Category plugin, and I also deactivated the Preview plugin (having realised I’m not actually using either). However, this hasn’t fixed the issue, unfortunately.

    I can appreciate that you’re busy – this isn’t at all urgent. I’m able to individually override the headers on each post, so I can still get the look I want – it’s just a bit less convenient.

    It’d be great to know what’s causing the issue, but I’m fine with waiting!

    Plugin Author Ryan Hellyer


    Arghh, I was hoping it would be another plugin at fault 🙁

    Please pester me later in the week about this. I will hopefully be done with my backlog of work by then.

    Just got a notification of a post from pm2612
    I have not found a solution yet, and the problem is still happening on my site.

    I have the same problem. I don’t know what happened:

    I don’t understand what happens. When I set a Featured Image (not a Custom header) on a new post, this image appears as a header (( When I change Featured images in older posts, it doesn’t happen (

    I think “Unique headers” is working, but I’m sure “Unique Headers Single Posts” doesn’t work as you can see on my web:

    My Theme is a basic wordpress Twenty eleven…

    Plugin Author Ryan Hellyer


    I’m not sure what is causing these problems sorry.

    I’ve left a note as such on the plugins page.

    Since this thread is not about the Unique Headers plugin, yet it shows up on the list of support requests, I’m going to list this as a non-support question, since it’s not a support question for the plugin it’s listed under.


    I have only Unique Headers, with pages and single post it works well,
    with category not function, when I save after upload image this image disappears.

    Can you help me ?


    Plugin Author Ryan Hellyer


    What do you mean by “this image disappears”? Did it disappear from the admin panel or from the frontend of the site?

    from the admin panel

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