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  • I’d like to set up an “advanced search” page that would allow users to choose to filter posts displayed by categories. So, let’s say I want to see all posts in “category1” and “category7” … I’d check 1 and 7, hit submit and it’d display them.

    Sounds easy. Is there a plugin for this? I thought an advanced-search plugin would work, but it seems it needs a search term to work–it doesn’t want to “filter” categories without it.

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  • See:

    That at least should let you to select a single category for a search (with or without a search term). Multiple category selection would require some custom coding.

    Thanks for the reply. I’m not much of a programmer, so I’ll have to study this, but it looks like that wouldn’t be any different (for what I need to do) than to just have a link to the category archive. I need to be able to show posts that land in multiple categories, and give the site-users control over which categories they want to see. Any ideas?

    I was looking into using Ultimate Tag Warrior for this, but I got a little lost in how to achieve desired results. Do you know if I can show posts with tags “x” and “y” only?

    I was discouraged, and thought categories might be easier.

    Just to clarify, here is specifically what I want to do:

    I am making a web site of local churches. I want for site-users to be able to filter churches by zip code, neighborhood, religion, etc. I would like a way for users to select “x-religion” in “x-neighborhood” and for the site to show the results–perhaps by using radio buttons or drop down menus, and clicking “submit”.

    So, my thinking is that I could put “X-Church” in “zipcode-1” and “religion-14” categories, and then filter them as I explained. It seems like it’d be relatively easy to do this, but as I mentioned before…I’m not much of a programmer, so I really don’t know what I’m asking for.

    If nothing exists to make this happen, I wonder if someone would be willing to help me?

    Well, a few ways to at least provide a multi-category query in the url are discussed here (the default way WordPress accepts multiple categories in the url, and a very custom method):



    The Advanced Search plugin has (among other features) the ability to filter by categories.

    Have a look at

    Mastermind–I’ve actually installed this plugin and tried it. The only problem I have with the good plugin is that a search term is required. Is it possible to rid the plugin of the search term-field and only search by categories?



    Unfortunately, this is not possible; at least not without modifications which would need to be so heavy that you could as well write a new plugin.

    Mastermind–Thanks for the word. Can I hire you to write the plugin for me? I could do a Photoshop comp of what I want it to look like and you can make it work.

    Sorry–I just read that discussing payed opportunities is against the rules in these forums. Mastermind, I’ve emailed you through your web site.

    Just to show how else a plugin like this would be very useful, imagine if a graphic designer wanted to use categories to organize his portfolio, such as web, print, logos, photography, etc. But then he also wanted to categorize them by client. After that, he wanted to show all print design by x-client. We’d need to filter categories to only show posts residing in x-client and print categories.

    So, the WP community needs this plugin.

    Hi dressedinvalue can you find a way to filter categories? i have the same request and i think it is really good for word press because we use categories as a tag and we must filter some tags to achieve the main posts for example if i have these cats: weblog, History, Life and wants to read posts about weblog and history i can;t in wordpress

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