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  • mcollen


    If I am asking for, lets say 6 files, can I set the first two files to have a hard set category of lets say digital, and the next two be hard set to print and the last two be set to snapshot?

    I am hoping the category doesn’t need to be a drop down or radio button to select either digital, print or snapshot so there is no chance they select snapshot 3 times.

    Does this make sense?

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  • vroom66


    Hi You can set a maximum number for each type but not the order – so they could put them in any order but no more than 2 of each. That should work, unless you need them in that order for a particular reason which you’d probably have to create separate forms to do.



    I think I get what you’re saying…
    Do the uploaded files get renamed based on what is selected? If they do then ultimately the order wouldn’t matter.

    Uploaded files tend to get some renaming anyway to manage blanks and possible duplicates.
    To answer your question specifically, files do not get renamed based on a category selected. The category is a field which you can include as a column in your download spreadsheet and work from there.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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