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    Hi, I just recently upgraded WordPress on my site to 2.5.1 and everything seemed to be working fine until today when I discovered that all of the individual category feeds somehow got disabled. I run a podcast from my blog of various programs with individual show hosts, and I have separate feeds for each program that are broken down by category. The category feed is what we use to pipe into feeds and those are what people subscribe to. The main podcast feed (the one that contains ALL of the shows) is also sourced from one of our categories, which means that that one isn’t working either. So without those category feeds working, the Feedburner feeds in turn do not work. Here is an example feed of one of the programs:

    This is the category feed for cat=10, or:

    And here is the category feed for the main podcast:

    I’d like to find out why these are not working now and what can be done to restore them.

    GaragePunk Podcast

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  • Am I to assume NO ONE here has experience working with category feeds in WordPress? This is crazy… Someone please respond!


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