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  • UPDATE: i have a caytegory list widget with a list link og categories…

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    Hi Daniele, Just to make sure I understand – you want to show a list of events from a single category on a single page?

    i have a list of categories on a sidebar… when i click on a single category (on category widget list) i would like to display all events of that category, but with the same page layout (news page), with the same sidebar…. i don’t understand how this plugin work because if a visit a category link, it display me the category list events without a good layout and i don’t understand what is the template is used to display the category list events….

    It is too complicated…..

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    You can set which page is used to display categories by going to

    Events > Settings > Pages > Event Categories

    and then choosing the page you want to use as your template.

    Let me know if you’re still having problems.

    the problem is right there… i chosen the ‘news’ page for display the category list events… but the category list events is not correctly displaied… is like a page without style…


    for the single category template, you can create new taxonomy template within your directory and rename it as taxonomy-events-categories.php and then for the formatting try this

    <?php get_header(); ?>
     <div class="post-inner">
      global $post, $EM_Category, $wp_query;
         $EM_Cat = em_get_category($wp_query->queried_object->term_id);
           <h1><?php echo $EM_Cat->output('#_CATEGORYNAME'); ?></h1><br/>
           <p><?php echo $EM_Cat->output('#_CATEGORYNOTES'); ?></p><br/>
           <h3>Next Events</h3><br/>
            <p><?php echo $EM_Cat->output('#_CATEGORYNEXTEVENTS'); ?></p>
    <?php get_sidebar(); ?>
    <?php get_footer(); ?>

    *you can change the div layout base on your single.php

    Very thanks!! I’ll try this…

    I’ll let you know.


    Hi there,

    the same problem occurs at my categories page; your solution ist working for the ‘Categories’-page itself, but if I call a subcategory by link, the ‘undefined-template’-problam remains.

    How can I attach a /categoy/sumcategory/ events-listing to a template of my choice?

    the body class stays at “page page-template-default … “

    Any ideas?


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    Can you post a link?

    Yes, but it takes a little moment, because the site is still at my local development envirement and I have to move it online

    Thanks for caring

    Hi, back again.
    Please have a look at

    (self-defined event-listing, working fine)

    If you choose “Themen der betrieblichen Praxis” at the left sidebar, you’ll reach an event listing of a sub-sub-category as an example that doesn’t match to my template (or to any defined template).

    The event -page itself ( works fine

    Thanks for helping

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    unfortunately, some themes won’t play nice with this method we use, and I can’t completely blame the theme itself either because what we do is admittedly hacky. we’re tricking WP to think the category archive page is a normal ‘page’.

    If this doesn’t work for you, the only viable solution is to create a template page yourself in your theme. With some luck it could be very easy, just a case of copy/renaming a file.

    You need to create a template file called taxonomy-event-categories.php as described here –

    try copying a file like page.php or a specific template file you’d like to use in your theme.


    Thanks for your explanation, I thought the whole time that I tried exactly what you explained. Then I found my stupid typo ‘taxonomy-event*s*-categories.php’…

    Now it works perfektly.


    [x] resolved

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