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  • My podcast turned into a subscription based service 2 years ago but I never did anything about iTunes, which are now showing up in search results.

    I do have a category called “Free Stuff” and decided to add that under category podcasting to submit to Apple. I setup the feed with all the requirements for Apple. The issue is that is being redirected to the logo for the category but I don’t know where it’s coming from.

    This category was only created earlier this year and I’ve checked all my redirects and it’s just not there. I traced it in Google’s Developer tools and sure enough – it’s being redirected (see image). Redirect Image

    How is it possible that a category I just setup several months ago is being redirected and how do I go about finding the source of the redirection so I can delete it? If it’s not under my redirects plugin, where is it? Not sure if you can help but maybe point to somewhere I’m not looking. This has really got me stumped.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • On further inspection, it appears to be coming from the Yoast SEO plugin. I haven’t used their premium version in years, which offered redirects. Besides, this category was only created this year and the podcast category today. Yet, here it is identified as the source and they NEVER answer questions about their free plugin. Unless I’m reading this wrong – that is the issue. [see image]

    Yoast SEO

    After further looking at this issue – if I remember correctly – Blubrry was withdrawing support for category podcasting awhile back but continues to offer it in their latest plugin. I’m leaning more towards this being the issue (maybe) or something changed in its implementation I’m not seeing.

    I only say this because I created a podcast channel (which is a pain the a**) because you have to manually add each episode for the channel and it doesn’t automatically pull from the original category post like category podcasting does but… it does work.

    Now, the feed is valid. It’s not the best solution because I personally think category podcasting is far superior but I don’t know or understand the needs of the community like you folks do.

    I’ll submit this to Apple and remove the main feed, which is premium content. Hopefully this will work. Way too much time and energy spent on this this morning.

    Plugin Support Mike Dell


    We never withdrew from Category Podcasting in PowerPress. It’s been there from the start.

    That being said, check in your .htaccess file for rewrite rules that Yoast (or you redirection plugin has put in there). That might be a left-over from yoast.


    My apologies. I just remember having some functional issues with Category in the past.

    As for my htaccess file – I checked. There are no references for Yoast SEO but there were a couple of duplicate redirects. Removing those broke my site so I put them back.

    In that file, everything references the plugin that put it there except anything I manually add like blocked IP addresses from known rogue states.

    I did see an article from several years ago by Yoast about this exact same issue but it doesn’t provide any additional information other than troubleshooting, which I had already done.

    The Podcast Channel option does work but my logo for some reason is broken for iTunes even though the URL is correct. Regardless, I’ve submitted it for inclusion and will then have them combine the two feeds and remove the premium content version from their listing, which only works when manually submitted by users.

    Personally, I never understood the difference between Category and Channels since they seem to serve the same purpose. The difference though is that you have to manually add the episodes into the Channel whereas Category automatically pulls from the feed. It’s no big deal. At most, I’ll change out episodes every other month and it’s just an extra step to implement.


    Plugin Support Mike Dell


    Category podcasting creates feeds (that have all the podcast tags in them) based on category. The main “channel” which is /feed/podcast/ contains all podcast posts reguardless of category.

    Channels are a separate feed that doesn’t rely on category. With their own settings and each feed is completely independant of the main channel. The Default “podcast” channel is the stock PowerPress feed. Each channel is separate.

    Clear as mud, I know 🙂


    Plugin Author Angelo Mandato


    I will try to give a better explanation…

    Channels let you syndicate the same episode in different formats, aka You can write one blog post in WordPress with an audio version, video version and a PDF version of the episode, each having their own feed. You can also make a short version 15 minutes long as your default podcast and a custom channel for 60 minute versions that requires only members to your blog to access as a premium version.

    Use case: A podcaster who makes an an audio and video version of their episodes, or a free short length version and a longer premium/paid version for members only.

    Category Podcasting lets you organize episodes, aka a podcast that covers sports and weather may be in both categories “sports” and “weather”. More specifically, if you enable strict category podcasting, you can expand the capability so that you can organize episodes into separate shows, an episode about sports goes into “sports’ category while an episode about weather goes into the “weather category. You can add podcasting to any category on your site.

    Use case: A podcast network of shows organized by categories using strict category podcasting.

    Note: it is not advisable to use category podcasting without strict category podcasting, if an episode appears in 2 or more different podcast shows, Apple will not be able to score the episode to the correct show. Episode must be unique in Apple’s system, if/when they detect the same episode in 2 or more shows only one show will get the ratings which will negatively impact the other shows using the same episode, preventing those shows from ranking on Apple Podcasts. Strict category podcasting fixes that, forcing only one episode per show in the podcast category feed.

    Note2: As Mike noted, when category feeds are used, your main podcast feed should not be used as it will be essentially a network version, or a combination of all episodes from all categories.


    Hey Angelo,

    I wasn’t ignoring your thoughtful and informative response. Just going through some fresh hell with one of my “must have” plugins after an update that appears to be ongoing.

    Anyway, thank you for the information. It’s probably going to come in handy because Podbean is forcing a new business model on premium content creators that literally gives everything away for one flat rate that does not renew for a lifetime. Worse, they’ll be taking 20% of the revenue generated while Google and Apple get 30%.

    They don’t seem to understand that doing so will cut off any revenue stream after the first year and since I can’t convince them otherwise until they go bankrupt, I may be forced to go back to self-hosting and setting up individual podcast channels of which I have 10 + the main feed.

    As for categories, my followers enjoyed it when I had it before. iTunes automatically separated all the podcasts into individual folders so whatever they were in the mood for they knew where to go as opposed to having everything in one feed. Apple will even create a page with your main feed and all the sub-category feeds all in one place.

    That worked out great until I switched to my subscription model to cover my monthly costs. Now, I just have the “free episode” feed in Apple Music and have taught everyone else how to manually add the premium feed to iTunes which works just as well.

    Nevertheless, your post has given me food for thought about what I’ll end up doing after Podbean makes the switch. I’ll be damned if I’m going to continue doing this for them to take half of the revenue while continuing my costly monthly output with no additional revenue coming in to cover my costs.

    Thanks again!
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