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Category doubles

  • When user submits a link (and he selects any category from combobox), moderator accept it, the link is in NEW category with the same name, so category duplicates.

    Recreation steps:
    a) login as admin
    b) make 1 static site with [link-library-cats settings=1] and [link-library-addlink settings=1]
    c) create few categories with some links. TestCat01, TestCat02…etc.
    d) now it shows ok, eg. TestCat01/Google.com, TestCat01/facebook.com, after that i have TestCat02/TestLink1.com, TestCat02/TestLink2.com
    e) logout, try to submit a link TestLink3.com in category TestCat02 selected from combobox
    f) login as admin, approve it
    g) in wordpress ‘link categories’ there is TestCat01 and TestCat02, so correct!
    h) on website i see the structure:

    TestCat02/TestLink3.com (it should be near TestCat02/TestLink2.com)

    Quick fix:
    When U go to wordpress LINKS and you edit TestLink3.com and just click SAVE without any changes, it will be ok. Can You fix this ASAP, please?


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