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  • Hello,

    From Options > Permalinks I can do a post filename to end with .php, but now I want to do it with the categories names.

    The dots are parsed like null.

    How can I do? Thanks!

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  • Out of interest, why do you want to do this?

    Because Google and Yahoo prefeers files (php) and not directories (/) for a better web positioning.

    So I want the categories to be dot php too…..

    And I dont know how to do that 🙁

    … ?

    “Because Google and Yahoo prefeers files (php) and not directories (/) for a better web positioning.”

    I don’t know who told you that but that’s totally incorrect. From a user-agent perspective, there is no difference between a resource ending in / and ending with a file extension.

    In addition, having a file-extension makes zero difference to Search Engine positioning. The main factors that affect SE placement with regards to URL are keyword placement and length. (Cruft free) permalinks as generated by WP are thus treated favourably by Search Engines such as Google as witnessed by a lot of WP sites featuring highly.

    For my experience, Google and Yahoo prefeers files and not directories.

    And the other reason is because a have actually a website with more than 100 files ending with .php and they are linked from a lot of websites in the internet.

    Now, I am configuring WP and I want the files still having the SAME name than before, and not change the file name because Google will consider duplicate content at my website, or if I create the new “pages” at WP, they end with a slash and if I remove the dot php files so they will do a 404 for all the incoming backlinks…


    🙁 I still wanting to put my categories name dot php in WordPress….

    I too am very interested in at least being able to have a file extension at the name of a Page. A big reason is for SEO purposes. I just don’t feel comfortable with the notion that Search Engines don’t have a preference between a directory(/) or an extension(.htm).

    IS there a way to change it?


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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