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  • After upgrading to 2.1 I get an error were you set the category description

    Warning: the variable %%category_description%% cannot be used in this template. See the help tab for more info.
    Warning: the variable %%category%% cannot be used in this template. See the help tab for more info.

    Why is that? The plugin should accept these variables

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  • Same problem here. Descriptions always used to work – and they are necessary. Why have they been eliminated from the template?

    Same here – “Warning: the variable %%category%% cannot be used in this template. See the help tab for more info” – on the taxonomies tab of titles & metas. WP SEO version 2.1 (there is no help tab).

    Same here, I decided to downgrade to the previous version and everything is working fine again!



    Same problem here.. how to get this fix.. 🙁

    Warning: the variable %%category_description%% cannot be used in this template. See the help tab for more info.


    Warning: the variable %%tag_description%% cannot be used in this template. See the help tab for more info.

    Plugin Author Taco Verdonschot


    The warning should warn you for the use of variables in a template where they cannot be applied. For example using %%excerpt%% on an archive page.

    This means that when you see a warning, there might be a problem with the variable you’re using. If you feel that the warning isn’t correct, please provide the following information to help us debug:
    * What variable are you using?
    * Where are you using the variable?
    * Should that Post Type / Taxonomy / Archive have the requested information? And if so, can you give an example of the expected outcome of the use of this variable?

    We’d also love to see a screenshot of the problem (whole page), as that will help us understand what exactly is happening on your website.

    I am using the variables

    I am using them in category description. It worked just fine before the upgrade.
    This is the screenshot

    Hi TacoVerdo,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    I’m using the variables %%category_description%% in the field “Model of meta description” of the taxonomy “Category”. The same happens with %%tag_description%%.

    You will see all this in the enclosed screen (sorry, it’s in french!).

    That’s the recommended settings I found in all the major books and tutorials regarding your plugin…

    Thanks for you support, looking forward to hearing from you!



    Same issue! 🙁

    Same problem and same warning…

    Same here. For category page I can not use %%category_description%%.

    Telling us @tacoverdo that the warning is pointing out variables that cannot be used makes no sense.

    1. These variables were able to be used in previous versions of the plugin. Only the update to the plugin has led to the warning.

    2. Even with the warning, the variables work and appear on pages.

    So the warning is nonsense.

    Same problem here. I use
    in Meta description template of categories

    in Tags

    some solution???

    @grahamjones – I agree with you.

    I am not a Yoast basher at all, and have used the plugin for many year with the variables in place and i was horrified when I saw the update had thrown this up as it potentially made me think the whole structure of the site had been trashed and any crawling by Google would throw up the mish mash of titles and meta descriptions.

    I really, really hope that we are not seeing some type of scenarios where the variable format will be pulled from the free version and somehow ‘custom’ variable use would be ‘allowed’ on the paid version of the plugin…

    Sorry to be a cynic but I agree the explanation doesn’t really make sense as it has worked for years and their is no issue with my template but after this new update, the issue is thrown up.

    I am not bashing, but their used to be a time that when a update for the plugin came out, I would update without thinking about it, but now I always exercise caution and scan these pages to see the status of problems and resolutions, as horrible as it sounds.

    i love the plugin though, but its starting to bloat a little as it attempts to be the dominant presence on my wordpress install.

    If somebody wants to use a variable in the title or meta description then allow them to use and place a notice to say that it shouldn’t really be used here / or it may create issues, but you understand any problems that might happen in output and then leave it like that and then you cannot be accused of anything negative ;0)

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