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  • Yo, Hi there – man I really need some help – even just some direction would be great.

    I need to add this kind of functionality to a artist portfolio type site:

    Using the Post type I have a leading image. 1 per post. with Copy about the project to toggle on/ off over the post image. This info cn either be stored in the Image description area or in the post content area. The image has Navigation above that links to subcategories about the project like: Design | Illustration etc 3 max to the left it has a link to client testimonial. (Same level as menu) then theres a second menu / navigation of icons down the right-side of the image. Icons for i – information. to toggle the information on/off over the image, a back to top, a next and previous slide, a view fullscreen and a view all (that takes one to the category posts page)

    So, where do I even begin? Do I make a custom plugin? (Like a content slider..) do I make a custom template page? or do I try to add the structure directly into the template I’m using?

    I made a little html/ css model f how it should look, but when I tried to add it to the backend it freaked out…lol

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  • I have also a related issue, that needs to be resolved.

    I am developing a site of a vendor.
    He had 10 categories of furniture (categories may be added).
    On main page, he wants an image slider containing 1 image of each category. (I have done that).
    Upon clicking any image it should open the concerned category, with posts of that category. (I have done that, too)
    All the stuff should be dynamically updated, as per adding in the posts.
    PROBLEM IS: I need to display image slider on every category, showing the images of that particular category.

    Category 1 = A, B, C
    category 2 = D, E, F
    Category 3 = G, H, I

    When category 1 opens, the image slider should show images of A, B, C ….. etc.

    Someone please please please help.

    Kamran Zahid

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