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[Resolved] Category based pages

  • Being new to WordPress. Is it easy to create pages that are based around blogs related to categories?

    For example, all sports blogs appear on a wp page called ‘sports’, all technology blogs appear on a wp page called ‘technology’ etc. ?????

    Can these be auto-generated? Or do they exist already?

    Thx for any help

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  • whooami



    you are using the word blog in multiples, why is that?

    with the version of wordpress downloadable from this domain, you get one blog per install. you can have multiple categories within one blog, and multiple posts within categories.

    there is no plural blogs, without there being 2 separate installs.

    pages also have very specific meaning in WP.

    I refer you to the WP demo


    Sorry, I worded my query wrong!! o_O …!! I meant posts instead of blogs! My mistake ..

    So can you have WP pages that contan posts related to a category?? i.e. sports posts on one page in the blog, tech posts on another etc. …

    Thx for pointing out my error!

    can you have WP pages that contan posts related to a category??

    Again, wrong wording 🙂
    Pages have special meaning in WP, so don’t use it.

    As for your question: you don’t really need to mess with Pages; just clicking on any category name it will show you something called “category archives” = posts only from that category.
    If you want to style them differently, use Category_Templates.
    No need for Pages.

    Oops .. Thx for your reply 🙂 I will give this a try!

    What a lot of these sites do is not list Pages in their navigation, but Categories.
    This can be done with wp_list_cats instead of wp_list_pages.
    More complicated setups either code the navigation manually or use a navi-setup-plugin like NAVT or something.

    Also, since you can design each category differently, sometimes it is easier to use only posts and categories and make certain posts just look like a static page.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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