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  • chuyskywalker


    I see that categories can be accessed like:

    since the htaccess reads:

    RewriteRule ^(.+)/?$ /index.php?category_name=$1 [QSA,L]

    However, if I try to set the permalink structure for Category Base to a value of “/”, it does not update my structure for the links that become generated in the “Posted in” list.

    How can this be resolved, or was it left this way for a reason?

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  • TechGnome



    It’s this way so that WP knows it’s dealing with an actual category, rather than an actual directory on your site. Example, I have a downloads folder in my site’s root. If I were to also have a category called “Downloads” I need to be able to distinguish between the downloads folder site_root/downloads and the the download category site_root/category/downloads

    So, when you set it to “” or “/” it assumes the default setting of “category”




    I figured as much. Will I have to hack this in to get it to work the way I want?

    (Keeping an eye on category names vs. real folders is something I can handle)

    Hi there. Did you ever manage to get your base category set to “/”? I too can safely manage my root folders and would love to get this re-write working like you mention above.


    It’s not only real folders this structure can mess with. If you have pages – and a category of the same name, you’ve basically given your blog a world of brokenness. Just thought I’d mention that.

    Yes good point – but I still maintain that I have a good enough hold on my site architecture that this will not be a problem. 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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