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  1. layjz
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi WordPress gurus,

    Hope you can help me with a little problem I have with the site.

    Since the site I'm running is a local news site, I've named the categories for dates in which the news items/posts appeared in local newspapers.

    Visitors for example are able to look up all the posts for June 5, 2011 by selecting the appropriate category and subcategory in a widget on the upper right hand side labeled "News Archives".

    With the help of a certain plug-in, instead of the URL appearing this way, say - http://edcom.bohol.gov.ph/edcom/?cat=69; it shows as http://edcom.bohol.gov.ph/edcom/june-2011/june-5.

    The problem is when a visitor selects all the posts under the category June 2011, the URL appears as http://edcom.bohol.gov.ph/edcom/?cat=17 instead of http://edcom.bohol.gov.ph/edcom/june-2011, though it shows all the posts under the parent category of June 2011.

    Any suggestions to correct this would be most appreciated. Thanks!


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