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    Dear Atomic Blocks Support Team,

    Your theme is really good! There’s just a very important problem that needs to be fixed:
    Category Pages and Author Pages

    — First of all, Atomic Blocks is a very simple Gutenberg theme, therefore will be used mainly for blogging. A very important factor to the success of a blog is SEO and Article reads.

    When clicking a post ‘category’ it takes you to the BUILT-IN WordPress page: /category/xyz
    On this page, when using Atomic Blocks, EVERY post in that category is displayed in Full-length, AND without any pagination breaks or any widgets (even the simple ones: Categories / Archives / Search Bar) etc.

    These are vital for the success of any blog! They’re included in every theme except Atomic Blocks.

    The same issue occurs when clicking an author name – WordPress takes you to the built-in Author Page, and ALL of the posts by that author are displayed in FULL-length, plus there is no pagination break or any ways to filter/find a post.

    — What does this problem have to do with SEO for blogs?
    When creating a sitemap to submit to search engine crawlers such as Google Crawler, it is very important that we include the categories of our posts, so that Google knows what kind of content we have on our site, and to have a chance at having featured linked snippets on SERPs.

    Without a proper built-in WordPress category page:
    1- It’s bad UX, our users cannot find posts, and we will lose article reads
    2- We would need to make a custom category page – which is NOT SEO-plugin friendly when we want to automatically create Site Maps – It would take much more time to do than to simply switch themes



    Please hear me out! Customize the WordPress Category Page templates and the Author Page PHP files

    category-slug.php → category-id.php → category.php → archive.php → index.php


    Thank you!

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  • @digitalbizralph thanks for the message. I’m not clear on what exactly you want to happen. We can’t add new templates to the theme and automatically change the way things look without users opting into that, as I don’t think they’ll be happy about us changing things visually on the sites without them doing anything.

    A few thoughts…

    The Atomic Blocks theme does show pagination on category and author archives. You can confirm this by looking inside the included archive.php file, where it calls the the_posts_pagination() function to display them. If you’re not seeing the pagination, my guess is one of the following:

    – It’s being hidden by CSS, or hidden by another plugin or custom code on your site
    – You have a very high number for the “Blog pages show at most” setting under Settings > Reading in your WP admin, as this is what controls the number of posts being shown. If you’re seeing every post in a category archive view as you described, this sounds like your issue?

    Hi @digitalbizralph

    You can change this quite easily in the template files (via a Child theme, of course) – in template-parts edit content.php and change the reference on line 40:
    the_content( esc_html__( 'Read More', 'atomic-blocks' ) );


    if (is_category()) {
      // Get the content
       the_excerpt( esc_html__( 'Read More', 'atomic-blocks' ) );
     else {
       the_content( esc_html__( 'Read More', 'atomic-blocks' ) );
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