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  • The 2009 post link looks correct for your chosen permalink structure. If you want to have the year in your post permalinks, why not use year instead of category in the permalinks?

    The post link is correct..but for the sake of semantics and consistency, it would be nice to have the same permalink format this year as we had last year. I think I made some mistake while setting up the category called 2009 which is causing the permalinks to display in a different format from last year.

    I would like my current year permalinks to look just like last years. Any suggestions as to how that can be done?

    Is there a way to use year instead of category? If so I think I figured out the problem. But I still dont know how to set up a new “year” to replace the category I created for 2009 postings.

    Your assistance is much appreciated…Thank You!


    What about /archives/%year%/%postname%.html

    Thats exactly how I want it but need help in understanding the difference between creating a category and a year. When 2009 began, I created a new category called 2009 which is probably part of the problem..

    We had no problems posting last year as the 2008 archive probably existed as year rather than category. I need it to look exactly like you mentioned in the last post but it currently looks like this:


    Need assistance on creating a year section that is separate from category. This will ensure smooth archiving as well as consistency in permalink appearance.

    Thanks once again iridiax!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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