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  • Hi!

    Maybe this has been answered in the forum before, but my english is limited so I didn’t know what to search.

    I’m making a photo blog. On my frontpage I only show one post and links to previous/next. But I want to show more posts in my category archive. If you look at my site, and click on “Foto”, you’ll see what I mean. How can I get more posts there?


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  • This plugin will help you set it up:

    Thank you very much for your quick reply! I’ll try the plugin.

    Hmm, something is wrong. It still only show one post in the category. And I can’t see my previous posts either if I set it to show 10 posts. Nothing found (except the one post).

    If I set it to show 3 post, I can see the previous two post on one page by clicking the “Previous entries” button, and when I click on the “Next entries” to come back to the one post, it shows all 3 posts which I want. But when I click on “Foto” again, it only shows one post. Weird!?

    Never mind. This problem only occours when I try to change only one particular category. But If I change all the categories, it works. But still weird though.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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