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    Wow. I thought I’d give 2.5 a try. I’m experiencing some really – REALLY – odd issues, and to tell the truth I’m not sure if it’s 2.5 or something else that’s amiss. But, here’s where I’m at.

    (Preface: this is not a “fresh” 2.5 install, but rather an upgrade from 2.3.3 using the autotmatic upgrade plugin. So, that has to be taken into consideration. Notable: when using the upgrade plugin everything went smoothly until it got to the database. I got the screen that said my database was not up to snuff (even though my understanding was the database did not change for 2.5??). However, when I clicked on “upgrade database” it went so fast it really didn’t look like anything happened.)

    So, here are my very VERY strange problems. First, category 404 errors. The categories exist, they have posts in them. but clicking on category results in a 404 – for SOME of the categories. That’s what throws me – I would think it should happen for all of the categories, or none of the categories. But *some* of the categories??

    Next, the categories that do work – I do not get a category “list”, but just the last post in that category.

    Before anyone says “theme issue” – I tried different themes (rigt now I’m using WP classic) and the issue is identical in each theme. Some category 404 errors, and only the last post in “good” categories.

    I also have all of my plugins disabled (except one necessary one).

    I suppose it’s possible a plugin I installed did wome kind of internal modification that is causing this. But, I can’t really guess what it would be.

    So, anyone can tell me where to look? This is really perplexing and irritating.


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  • I’d have to suspect that the automatic upgrade plugin might be to blame….. I can’t say for sure since I don’t use it, I always do an upgrade following the instructions to delete the (old being replaced) WP files (all of them with the exception of my wp-config.php file and my wp-content folder), then upload the new files, being careful to not overwrite my wp-content folder. This avoids any potential conflicts or corruption.

    Although upgrading should never effect what’s in your database, it’s always wise to back that up first.

    I’d suggest trying to reinstall 2.5 this way and see if it doesn’t cure this problem.

    Thanks. I will try it manually and see what happens

    Well, that didn’t seem to change anything. I reinstalled WordPress manually, and nothing seems to have changed. I figure at this point that there has to be something wrong in the database, but I can’t put a finger on it.

    Anyone got any other suggestions? Should I create an XML save of all (120+) posts, delete the current database, and start over? Seems like a major “work around” to me.

    When you upgraded, did you remember to copy over the two included themes (default and classic)?

    They were updated as well to work with the new database and functions…..a number of themes have issues with some of some of the new changes.

    Try uploading the classic theme from 2.5 and see if it makes any change…if not post a link to your site so we can take a look……and maybe come up with other suggestions….

    Hi TrishaM. Yes to all of your questions. I ended up “fixing” it by saving my posts to an XML file, deleting the database, and running the install function. Once I imported the saved XML post file, all my problems went away. I’m chalking it up to some plugin I installed messed up the database. Perhaps it was a plugin I installed and removed prior to upgrading, which would explain why I could not track it down otherwise. But, thanks for your time and effort.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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