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  • jabbamonkey


    I’ve been looking for a way to categorize comments (where users can choose a category from a select box, and enter their comment … or have two areas on the page where they can comment, in each category section). Basically, I want people to submit “comments” on a joke, or have the option of posting “comebacks” in another area. Note: when I refer to “category,” I don’t necessarily mean the generic CATEGORIES used for posts (it can be just another way to organize the comments)

    I saw some posts of people saying this is not possible (but those posts were REALLY old), so I wanted to see if anyone has seen this done, or knows of a plugin around…

    Also, I wanted to throw out an idea, and see if anyone tried this solution (which is WAY beyond my coding skills) …
    So, comments allow users to enter their name, website, email and comment. Well, What if we used one of those other fields (like “website”) as the category field. Not making it an input field, but a set select box (or a hidden field with a set “category” value). And, then, using that field to organize the comments on the page… It’s an idea … unfortunately, its beyond my coding skills.

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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