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  • Hello!

    I’ve created a PAGE and chosen to display all my POSTS on this page but i would like these to be listed in a few different categories as the POSTS relate to different locations (Newman, Tom Price, Port Hedland, South Hedland, Exmouth). Ideally I would have these listed like this on the page:-

    The posts are triggered by being categorised when they are created.

    Newman (static text)
    <post 1>
    <post 2>

    Exmouth (static text)
    <post 1>
    <post 2>

    etc. etc.

    many thanks!!

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  • If you’d like to have the category titles as static text, then add a dynamic list of posts underneath each, you’ll need a plugin that uses shortcodes (sort of like HTML).

    This plugin appears to do what you’re looking for:

    After installation, use the instructed shortcode with the ID number of the category (can be seen in the URL bar when viewing a category page):

    [catlist id=24]

    There is also a shortcode there using the category name, but I wouldn’t recommend that in case you later want to rename a category.

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