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  • I’ve initially set up my WP blog where every post is a category (680+ posts).

    My objective is to consolidate these posts into 25-30 Main Categories, with each category having relevant subcategories (where each subcategory post is listed and hyperlinked)

    For example:

    Main Category: = eLearning

    Subcategory (posts): = 75 Tips to reduce elearning costs

    eLearning – Graphics

    This is either real simple to do or fairly comilcated, based upon the posts I read here, but eith way, my readings have not empowered me with a solution

    How can I create new mail categories and organize existing posts under these categories?

    Thanks, Tom

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  • 680 posts? 680 categories to be consolidated to 30 categories? The information architecture sounds complicated, but tractable — and presumably you know the data and the outline structure of the new categories.

    Here’s one proposal (TRY THIS ON A TEST SYSTEM FIRST!)
    – Go to Post > Categories and delete all those “one post per category” categories.
    – Go to Posts, and to a Quick Edit on each post in turn. Add *tags* that correspond to what you want the new categories for that post to be.
    – Go to Tools > Import and install the Category/Tags converter
    – Convert the Tags to Categories, add in the parent/child relationships for the categories, and do whatever cleanup needs to be done.

    Obviously it’s kind of tedious to go through all those posts. If there’s any way to programmatically decide which posts go in which larger categories (e.g. all the ones with eLearning in the title go in the eLearning category) it may be possible to update the database directly with a MySQL script. [Be sure to backup everything first!]

    Let us know if either of those solutions appeals and how you end up solving the recategorization. Best wishes!


    Will these changes also change the current URLs for each post?


    What permalink structure are you using?

    I’m not at all sure I understand your original “one post per category” strategy, and if you put %category% into your permalink structure, then yes, the links would change. WordPress seems to be pretty smart about this (I’ve moved categories from under News to under Archive and things keep working), but I don’t know anything about how it works under the covers.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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