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  • Anonymous

    sigh. I thought these things were a standard part of installation. I’m going broke getting my programmers to keep udating things for me. Can someone explain in for-dummies terms how I can make these fields appear on my blog? Not just on the blog page, but on my home page, where the blog will actually be promoted.

    Here is my homepage:
    Here is the blog by itself:

    ??? Any help REALLY appreciated.

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  • stvwlf



    Those things are part of the blog. Your home page does not look like it is part of the blog. The fastest and easiest way to add them to your home page looks like to hard code the links in the sidebar on the home page.

    In other words, your tag for ADD/ADHD Brain has a tag page at so to create a link in the home page sidebar that says
    ADD/ADHD Brain

    Otherwise you will have to modify the PHP for the homepage to include certain files from the wordpress installation, which really takes a programmer.

    You might be better off to have your homepage turned into a WordPress theme, and run the whole site from WordPress. Then your blog would look like the rest of the site, and any page on the whole site could access any links or articles from any other part of the site.



    oh, I see the link I typed out for you turned into a link, not the code for the link

    <a href="">ADD/ADHD Brain</a>

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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